Professional Plumbing Services in Santa Fe, NM

Many homeowners in Pojoaque, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas are not aware that they have outdated or faulty plumbing. The reason being is that most plumbing systems are set up in obscure areas like underneath sinks, inside walls, basements, crawlspaces, or underground. Just like other parts of the home, your plumbing system is also subject to disrepair, and depending on the material, and corrosion. Noticing drips from water fixtures or finding pools of water that suggest leaks are definite signs that you should consult with plumbing experts like Honey’s Handyman. We specialize in plumbing services and sewer line repair available to residents of Santa Fe, NM and nearby areas.


Have you noticed a decrease in water pressure from your showers or sinks? If yes, there are actually two possible reasons for this. It may be a simple case of clogged pipes, or your plumbing system might have cracks or loose fittings that are causing leaks. Regardless, you can surely benefit from troubleshooting, few repairs, or a complete overhaul. Water discoloration is also another indicator of corrosion or rust which can then lead to clogged pipes. This gives rise to the possibility of burst pipes which can be catastrophic. It can damage your home’s foundation, cause wood rot, cause flooding, and promote the growth of molds. This is why you should get in touch with a professional plumbing company right away once you notice these signs. This not only protects you and your home but also makes your water consumption more efficient.


Once you get your plumbing system repaired, you will enjoy better water pressure when showering or using the sink. You will also be able to improve air quality by eliminating contaminants such as molds and mildew. If done by experts like us, you will also be spared from emergency repairs and finally, be able to save your money on utility bills. Get plumbing services from Honey’s Handyman to apply all these to your Santa Fe, NM property. Grab your phone and dial (505) 670-4654 today to give your home an upgrade.