Complete Home Repair and Painting Photos in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Since 1999, Honey’s Handyman has become the leading provider of home repair, painting, remodeling, plumbing, and other services here in Santa Fe, NM. In the span of more than 21 years, we have provided the residents and business owners of the area with the best of these services. Because of the quality of our work, we have always left our clients with full satisfaction.


We know that it is difficult to gain everyone’s trust - especially to those who have not experienced our services yet. This is the reason why we have compiled some of the works that we have completed over the past years on this page in order to give you a glimpse of what to expect once you hire us.


Feel free to browse through the photos below and see some of the best commercial and home repair, painting, remodeling, and plumbing projects that we have done here in Santa Fe, NM.