Expert Interior and Exterior Painting in Santa Fe, NM

Since 1999, Honey’s Handyman has always been a trusted provider of handyman services to certain communities in New Mexico. We have withstood the test of time by staying true to our mission of providing only the highest quality of services in every project no matter how big or small. We have worked with so many homes that we can guarantee you a perfect application for your next paint job. So if you are in need of interior or exterior painting services for your home in Santa Fe, NM, let Honey’s Handyman do it. Our team of highly-trained, knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable painting contractors will give your walls the makeover it deserves. Your walls will be looking fresh and clean in no time. By having professional painters do the job, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly, safely, and on time. You will also get to steer clear from this messy, tedious, and sometimes dangerous task. You can then spend your time on other things like spending time with your family.


One of the benefits of hiring a home improvement specialist like us to repaint your home or business is our thoroughness and our attention to detail. Honey’s Handyman is very careful and meticulous that while repainting, we will also proactively check your home for other issues or damages that may need repair. And the good news is, you won’t have to look for a repairman because we, the best one in New Mexico, are already there. So choose us for your next exterior and interior painting project in Santa Fe, NM and nearby areas. You can get in touch with us by calling (505) 670-4654.